The Next Chapter (TNC) is a ministry initiative by Saint Greg's Youth, which aims to form young people and equip them as young leaders within the parish and their school. The program involves regular contact with a Youth Ministry Coordinator as well as regular ministry opportunities. The group form what's known as a youth ministry team who are responsible for formal "peer to peer" ministry initiatives within the parish, this team is the first of it's kind in the Archdiocese.


Program Aims

Member Specific Aims

1. To further form those young people who show extra initiative within the SGY Weekly Gatherings.


2. To equip those young people to effectively evangelise the people within their parish and school communities


3. To empower, equip and nurture the next generation of youth ministers in the community.




1. To shape the culture of faith within the parish and individual school

2. To take on formal leadership roles within the parish

3. To build pathways from their individual school into the parish

4. To witness the love of God through every aspect of their life





In a practical sense, members of TNC will aim to carry out the following activities: 

  1. Draw young people from their schools into the parish, 
  2. Help plan the Youth/Family Mass
  3. Help develop SGY through quarterly meetings, 
  4. Help run SGY weekly gatherings, 
  5. Set an example for other young people

It has been proven that peer-to-peer ministry is one of the most effective methods of evangelisation; this means that when young people talk to other young people about God, the results are considerably more significant than if someone older did the talking. TNC aims to use the benefits of peer-to-peer ministry in both school and church. 

In 2015, SGY conducted a survey that found there are over 1500 young Catholics within the Queanbeyan region, with the numbers of Christian or other denominational students being almost double. The large majority of these young people are missing the Holy-Spirit driven community that is Saint Gregory’s and more importantly, missing the incredible experience of a real encounter with Jesus. SGY aims to draw those young people in to the parish through dynamic events and liturgies, such as the Youth/Family Mass, weekly SGY gatherings, as well as SGY LIVE. These events are great and are places where huge transformation can take place, however the young people of Queanbeyan don’t know they exist. TNC’s first priority is to be a witness of God’s Love through intentional invitation to young people that need it. TNC isn’t about advertising events; it’s about finding the people in our community that need SGY and supporting them on their journey.