Saint Greg's Youth (SGY) is the main youth ministry initiative within the Parish of Saint Gregory's. The program is made up of many different aspects, all of which can be explored further through their relevant tabs below. The two major aspects of SGY are the Youth/Family Mass and the weekly gatherings held on Sunday evening, every week of the ACT school term.


SGY also hold regular large scale youth events that bring together a huge community of young people from across the Archdiocese. These events are high energy with music, inspirational talks, and are a new and vibrant way to encounter Christ and His love through the Church community.

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The program is supported by many different ministry opportunities that young people can get involved with on a regular basis. Currently, SGY has three main ministry opportunities with plans to expand that to six within the next two years. These ministries are one way in which SGY invites young people to be more than just a "stand still" Catholic, but to involve themselves in the life and mission of the Church.


Ministries are a formal commitment to the parish and give youth the chance to use their God given talents to serve the community every week. Young people involved in a ministry are also supported by the parish through regular formation and equipping sessions that allow them to further deepen in their faith and be equipped to share their gifts more confidently. The parish also supports these ministries by sending the groups to relevant archdiocesan and national events.

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Jordan Hodge

St Gregory's Parish/St Edmund's College


Jordan has been exploring his faith since he was in year 11 when he fell in love with youth ministry. Over the past few years he has strengthened his passion for youth ministry and his relationship with God through many different youth ministry organisations. Jordan has been the Parish Youth Ministry Director at Saint Gregory's since 2015 and has recently added Saint Edmund's College in Canberra to his care. He is seeking to further develop the great connection St Edmund's and St Gregory's shares through building "pathways" from school to church. His passions include music, graphic design, photography and AFL. He is a proud supporter of the Sydney Swans but enjoys watching and playing most sports.


You can get to know Jordan by attending an SGY gathering or coming along to a Youth/Family Mass, find all the details you need above.

Sarah Pearson

St Gregory's Parish/St Clare's College


Sarah has had a faith since she was young, but like many, struggled to keep it up during the hard years of high school. It wasn't until Sarah graduated that she found her faith again, immediately wanting to share the love she had come to experience with others. Sarah volunteered her time at St Gregory's in 2016, quickly becoming an integral part of the team. Her passion for building strong relationships allowed her to befriend many young people within a short period of time. Sarah has recently become the youth minister at St Clare's College and is excited to see what can be achieved this year. Sarah is also a keen tea drinker, who collects antique tea cups and pots. She recently was given the opportunity to take her incredible youth ministry skills overseas. Being a part of a team who ran a mission trip to England where she spoke to over 2000 students in a three week period while also gaining more knowledge on "tea culture" from the experts themselves.


You can get to know Sarah by attending an SGY gathering or coming along to a Youth/Family Mass, find all the details you need above.