Weddings are celebrated at St Gregory’s Church, Molonglo St ,St Raphael’s Church, Lowe Street. St Patrick's Michelago, St Mary's Bungendore, St Joseph's Gundaroo, Sts Peter & Paul Hoskinstown






St Raphael’s church, Lowe Street, $850 - $550 **


St Gregory’s church, Molonglo Street, $1000.00 - $650  **


**(If you or your family are parishioners in the Planned Giving programme.)


Church's at Michelago, Bungendore, Hoskinstown & Gundaroo : $650


The cost includes an offering to the celebrant for his preparation of the ceremony.




A DEPOSIT OF $200 is required within 1 week of booking the church. 50% TO BE PAID 6 MONTHS PRIOR TO THE WEDDING.   THANK YOU.


On-line payment option at website at




 The allocated times for wedding celebrations:


St Raphael’s Church: 2pm & 3:30pm


St Gregory’s Church: 2pm & 3.30 pm




St Raphael’s Church holds approximately 500 people


St Gregory’s church holds approximately 110 people (max) 


St Joseph's Gundaroo holds approximately 80 people


St Mary's Bungendore holds approximately 100 people. 


St Patrick's Michelago holds approximately 150 people






1. Copy of Birth Certificates - full Certificates with registration number


2. Any Deed-Poll for Change of Name (if applicable)


3. Naturalisation Certificate (if applicable)


4. Baptismal Certificates with confirmation date, and not older than 6 months prior to the Marriage date (not only Catholic but all other Christian Religions as well)


5. Photo identification. Current drivers licence or passport.




All couples are required to give at least six (6) months notice of Intended Marriage and attend a Pre-Marriage Preparation Course. Please contact the parish office to book your wedding date.  Six months prior to the wedding date, you will need to make an appointment to meet with the parish priest to complete paperwork.


Your Celebrant will need to sight your Birth & Baptism Certificates and initiate the necessary paperwork. The copy of the Baptism certificate must have been issued within 6 months.  (Contact the parish where you were Baptised and they will issue an extract from their register.)




Marriage Preparation: 


Your celebrant will speak to you about two possible options: 


Marriage Preparation Program (FOCCUS) run through Catholiccare, first Tuesday of the Month.  Cost is $340.00, more information is available from then go to Counselling Services tab, then pre-marriage education. 




“Evenings for the engaged” – one night for 5 weeks ($120.00) or 2 consecutive Saturdays. 


 Information & Bookings:  Prue Gordon and  Peter Grist 0451 670 041 E:


Please contact your celebrant after you have completed the relevant course (approximately three-four months prior to your wedding day) to make an appointment to further address your preparation for marriage.




In you wish to celebrate your marriage in our parish, but belong to another parish, you will need to obtain a permission letter from your own parish priest.  Please contact your parish for the relevant paperwork.  






There is a CD player in the church at St Raphael's. You may use your own, if you wish. There is no CD player at the other churches.    






Please purchase and arrange your own flowers.


Note: you can look at the existing flowers in the Church as the wedding day approaches and if you would like additional flowers you can bring some extra ones on the Friday beforehand or the Saturday morning.  Some vases are available for your use.  If there is more than one wedding on the day, we will notify you so that you might come to a suitable arrangement with the other couple. 






Rehearsal is usually held on the Friday night before the wedding.


Prior to your wedding you will need to arrange with your celebrant and parish secretary for a convenient time to practice.  The entire wedding party and any readers should attend the rehearsal.






There is no objection to the ceremony being photographed or videoed as long as the filming is done discreetly. No spotlights to be used and no camera access to the sanctuary. The celebrant would appreciate you asking your photographer to make contact with him when they arrive at the church for the ceremony.


 Please no rice or confetti.




BOOKLET :  Most couples prepare a marriage booklet or Order of Service.  Your celebrant will help you.




The Parish Office hours are Tues, Thursday, Friday 9 - 3.30pm. CLOSED Monday and Wednesday.   Don’t hesitate to call the parish office for your arrangements regarding the Church, Music, Flowers or Payment. 




Contact :       Lorraine and Rita are available at the Parish Office on 62994611 or email:


Online Payments

Now available. Click here for more information.

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